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Rahmani30 is an effort to demonstrate to the people that economically, socially and educationally backward and suppressed students when given the opportunity rise to the occasion – be it to one of the most prestigious engineering institutions of the world the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). This movement was established to not merely prepare a few students to compete for and get admitted into IIT but to create hope, zeal and enthusiasm for higher education in the societies where middle school education is still a rarity.
Rahmani30 is established to be the catalyst for inspiring the minorities to aim high, to seek their rightful place and achieve their human dignity. To this purpose this institute is created to be completely free to students – the institute does not charge any fees stated or implied to any students. The heavy financial burden is supported by the society for their betterment. Rahmani30 is a model, designed to be shared by many, to repeat the achieved success, so that the cycle does not have to be re-invented but merely modified to suit the region. Many places such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Darbhanga have already benefitted from this model.
The Concept of Rahmani30
Rahmani30 started with the vision to search, find, house and train the most trainable students without any stated or implied fees. The process involves the following:
  • Student enrollment process: Screening of candidates by standardized objective written test followed by behavioral interview for final selection.
  • Student housing: Students are provided with complete supervised hostel accommodation; emphasizing a clean environment and appropriate nutritious meals.
  • Student training: Specialized and highly skilled topic oriented teachers are sought and hired to lecture and demonstrate on the topic of their specialization.
  • Student progress measurement: A collaborative process between students, administration and lecturers to keep students from lagging behind with regular, topic oriented, progress reports.
  • Lecturer progress measurement: A collaborative process between students, administration and lecturers to provide for the most conducive learning environment, eliminating communication issues, cultural misunderstandings and addressing grievances.
  • Student outward enrollment process: The process to help students apply for various standardized examinations.
A 100% successful result at IIT Joint Entrance Examination by its students introduced Rahmani30 to the people of India and the world at large, better than any marketing campaign. The successful outcome of Rahmani30 has demonstrated the potential of the idea and now it requires adoption and implementation at a mass scale by our societies. The following are key conclusions from this experiment:
  • Disadvantaged students, though brought up in very poor education systems, adapt and perform to the highest level.
  • Institutions such as Rahmani30 can provide disadvantaged students a fighting chance in this competitive world.
  • The idea of Rahmani30 needs to be adopted for creating education awareness in the society and to provide for change from within the society.