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Sports Medicine (New Course)

New Course for Medical Student
Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine, an inter-disciplinary branch of medicine, focuses on the injuries sustained during a sports activity or strenuous exercise, and how to cure it. A doctor should have knowledge about the injuries that can occur, the vulnerable points in a sports person's body, the most targeted areas of injury in a particular sports, and the ways of recuperation and recovery. It involves taking and suggesting preventive measures for injury, performance enhancement, and bringing the sports person back to the pavilion.
To be a Sports Doctor, you first need an MBBS degree. After that, you have to enroll for a two year post graduate diploma in Sports Medicine offered by the National Institute of Sports, recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Also you have to undergo training program in rehabilitation, exercise physiology and orthopedics. In India, such facilities of education in sports medicine is quite restricted. For a truly interested student, going abroad for this course is beneficial.